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Bhari’Adavi is a large continent located in the southern seas. Bhari’Adavi is an exotic land that survived the Shattering that killed the majority of life on Erudite. It stands as an ancient relic unchanged since Erudite’s prehistoric era. Bhari’Adavi remains mostly unknown to the rest of Erudite due to the dangers of reaching it. But tales of a land of giants have circled among mortals for thousands of years.

Bhari’Adavi is tyrannically ruled by a snake-like God-Beast named Boadra who terrorizes the island merely for the sake of asserting his supremacy as being the top of the food chain.


Bhari’Adavi is a diverse continent split in two regions separated by a shallow sea. Both regions are referred to as North Bhari’Adavi and South Bhari’Adavi. North Bhari’Adavi is the largest of the two, and it is where the majority of the colossal life survives. South Bhari’Adavi is much smaller and is a desert area covered in fossils.

It is thought that the sea that separates the two halves used to be land before the Shattering sunk it beneath the waves. This sea is shallow enough that many of the colossal life can wade across.

North Bhari’Adavi

North Bhari’Adavi is mostly deserts and savannas with pockets of rainforests that have trees over 700 meters tall. Their leaves are sturdy enough to be used as platforms for smaller creatures and even average mortals to stand on. The coastlines and drier regions, while having considerably less flora and fauna, are largely covered in tufts of grass that can stand over ten meters high. These regions appear as dry grasslands and savannas from above but to an average mortal, they are thick forests. Various tribes of Giants live all across the land.

Much of North Bhari’Adavi’s fauna is equally impressive with their size. Often, gigantic forms of normal creatures from other parts of Erudite can be found here. A subspecies of Godfish resembling koi swims in large flocks around the coast, often hunted by other creatures as well as the native giants.

At the continent’s central location in the midst of a deep jungle of giant trees, Erudite’s largest and most active ekati supervolcano resides. It is called Mt. Andistundi. There used to be more like it in Erudite’s distant past but the violent events of the Shattering rendered most of these giant volcanoes extinct.

This supervolcano is critical to North Bhari’Adavi’s ecology. The ekati it releases provides the giant flora and fauna with enough energy to both metabolize and to support their enormous weight. This means the creatures of North Bhari’Adavi will have difficulty surviving outside the continent. While a giant creature can survive for weeks to months outside North Bhari’Adavi, unless they are able to somehow replenish their massive energy requirements, they will eventually collapse under their own bodyweight.

South Bhari’Adavi

South Bhari’Adavi is seemingly less remarkable. However, the region is littered with the fossils and bones of the giants that once lived there before the Shattering. These remains still contain valuable ekati ore and fossilized bone marrow within them. The island known as Mt. Nissabda is thought to have once been the ekati supervolcano that supported South Bhari’Adavi’s ecosystem before going extinct.

One of the most prominent locations is a place called Zomok Ridge. As the name implies, this particular area is believed to consist of the fossilized remains of an ancient Protogenoi Dragon named Zomok. His bones support an ecosystem of its own, and they are home to the primate-like Emuka race.

Akansanlo Floating Islands

A chain of floating islands above North Bhari’Adavi. They remain aloft from the ekati given off by the supervolcano. Many of the native flying creatures take safe haven up here from the predators below. Akansanlo is covered in woodlands. The moisture gathered from the clouds forms lakes which eventually gather into rivers that create waterfalls that go all the way down to the surface. Some Emuka have made their homes up here having tamed various flying creatures to serve as transport.



  • Bhari Tree - A predominant tree found in North Bhari’Adavi. They are on average 700 meters tall and only take mere decades to reach that height.
  • Dry Forest Grass - Tall grass in Bhari’Adavi’s dry regions that exceeds ten meters high. Often harvested by the Giants for weaving.
  • Jawtrap Plant - A giant plant with large fang-like structures on the sides of its leaves. If a creature small enough steps on it, the leaves will rapidly close together, crushing it then releasing digestive juices to break it down and absorb it. To the Giants, they are little more than bear traps that larger beings get their feet stuck on. Jawtrap Plants are sometimes carefully grown in or relocated to certain places to aid in hunting by the Giants.
  • Mineshroom - A large mushroom that if stepped on by a giant creature will explode and release its spores. These spores are parasitic in nature and will attempt to grow on whatever creature it sticks to.
  • Raincatcher - A large windsock-like plant that accumulates rainwater and absorbs it for nourishment. Some Giants use Raincatchers to collect water.


  • Thunder Lizard - Giant, lumbering sauropod lizards with long necks to feed on the plants above. They have large horns on their heads which can also act as lightning rods. They are often used as livestock by giants.
  • Azhdar - A dragon-like creature with a long snout. They are large flying creatures that are big enough to prey on some dragons. However, Azhdar are rarely seen outside Bhari’Adavi due to food scarcity. Emuka will occasionally ride them as mounts.
  • Rainbow Godfish - A common species of Godfish that dwells on the coastline. They are unique from Godfish found in other parts of Erudite for having bright, colorful patterns like a koi.
  • Tarmorak - A small species by Bhari’Adavi’s standards, the Tarmorak is the size of a grizzly bear. It is a blind six-legged hairless creature with a radial mouth. It is omnivorous, but will never attack anything except to defend itself. For some reason, it has an unusual resistance to the Aether. Why it evolved this resistance isn’t quite known.
  • Terra Tortoise - A colossal tortoise with long legs and a long neck that roams the desert. They frequently eat Dry Forest Grass. It is thought their elongated body shape is to be resistant to smaller pack hunter creatures as well as Mineshrooms.
  • Sky Turtle - Giant turtles that remain aloft by riding wind currents. They dwell near Akansanlo and are large enough to support entire towns on their backs. They are considered sacred to the native Emuka.
  • Adavifly - A gigantic species of butterfly with a wingspan of 13 meters and are thought to be related to the Moth Mothers. Adaviflies have a life cycle of three stages. They lay their eggs in the sand which hatch beneath the surface. The larval stage is a giant caterpillar 5 meters long that burrows through the sand consuming whatever organic matter it can find. As it is often preyed on by Azhdar, the larval stage rarely fully emerges from the surface. However, it will sometimes emerge partially to create a sinkhole that unsuspecting prey will fall into. After the larva has consumed enough, it will burrow below ground and form a cocoon where it will eventually burst from the ground having grown wings.
  • Pleuropede - Giant centipedes that grow to 3 meters in length. They are carnivorous, having a preference for live prey. Surprising for a creature like this, they attack in packs and demonstrate an ability for planning ahead. A large group of Pleuropedes can take down one of the many giant creatures of Bhari’Adavi.
  • Boanda - A burrowing 12 meter serpent that preys on Pleuropedes and Adavifly larvae. Boanda is often associated with the malevolent ruler of Bhari’Adavi known as Boadra. However, the two do not have any intrinsic association. As such, Boanda are sometimes killed by Giants for no other reason than being believed to be evil. This has led to a decline in the Boanda’s population and an overpopulation of Pleuropedes.

Native Races

  • Giants - Giants are tall humanoids that grow up to 150 meters tall. They are often seen hunting and fishing. They also built shelters using Bhari Tree wood. They’ve barely formed a civilization as their main focus is on survival. Their spoken language is so deep in tone that some mortals cannot even hear what they say. Giants have trouble surviving outside Bhari’Adavi, but a single hermetic giant lives as a monk in a small island off the northern coast subsisting on the absolute minimum to survive.
  • Emuka - The Emuka are an intelligent primate-like species. One group makes their home in Zomok Ridge, building their homes from the ancient bones. They are on average 4 feet tall and few dare venture to the north. The natives worship the deceased spirit of Zomok as the provider of their home. Another group lives in Akansanlo, some of which have made their homes on the backs of Sky Turtles. Some Emuka have tamed Azhdar as flying mounts.


  • Boadra the Cowardly Imitator God - A God-Beast that once gathered a massive following by imitating Ouros. He lost his divinity after being ambushed by other gods shortly after killing the dragon Zomok. Boadra is often seen as an evil figure by both the Giants and Emuka as he continues to terrorize Bhari’Adavi by asserting his dominance at the top of the food chain.