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General information
Status Thriving
Native to Farandia
Diet Omnivorous
Limbs 4 limbs, 2 wings
Eyes 2
Intelligence Sapient
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 50 years

Fairies are the native inhabitants of the mysterious island of Farandia. They are diminutive, winged humanoids that live in hive-based colonies although each one is individually intelligent, not part of a hive mind.

Because fairies are exclusively found in such a remote part of the world, for many generations, they were considered a myth and the subject of children's tales. Knowledge of fairies originated in Shuang on how a young Frost Elf named Kaori discovered a fairy in the woods. The story spread throughout Eidyn via the tales of the Erudite Traveler.



Fairies have four limbs and at least one pair of wings usually either resembling a dragonfly or butterfly - said wings allow them to fly up to 30 miles per hour. Fairies also have antennae on their heads for sensing the air to detect other entities nearby. While fairies are thought to be genderless, their main body resembles an elven female - pointed ears and a thin build.

The classification for fairy physiology is widely debated. While they possess the exterior qualities of humanoids, their internal physiology more closely resembles an Insectoid. Beneath their layer of skin is an additional chitinous skeleton.

Young fairies only have their speed to rely on to evade predators. As they get older, they become more well versed in magic and can utilize charm spells to escape from situations.

Life cycle

  • Pixie - The pixie stage is the newborn stage. They are born by the hundreds from the Fairy Queen and are often easy prey to Farandia's predators. Pixies are merely an inch tall.
  • Sprite - Sprites are the stage of development where they grow to a height of five inches.
  • Guardian - Guardians are 11 inches tall. Like their previous incarnations, they represent an elven child.
  • Queen - There is usually only one queen within several square kilometers at a time. When a Queen is designated, their metabolism skyrockets and most of it is geared towards reproduction. They will grow up to two feet tall as a result. They are also the only kind of fairy capable of reproduction and have an analogous appearance to a mature elven woman.


Fairies have extremely high metabolisms. To maintain themselves, they must consume up to eight times their body weight every day, though the required amount decreases throughout their lives.

Fairies are largely gatherers, scavenging for food such as fruits although some clans are willing to hunt animals for food. Ancient accounts of them described them as ravenous swarms.


Fairies will reproduce by the hundreds in one sitting. Farandia's natural predators are their means to population control.


Fairy technology varies depending on the clan. The more sophisticated clans use farming and magic together to grow plentiful crops. The surplus food has allowed them to live comfortable lives.

The Unelm fairies were known to have created portals via rings of mushrooms all throughout Erudite. Though these fairy rings still exist, the knowledge on how to create them was lost. One of the few known fairy rings to exist links between Farandia and Shuang.


Every fairy clan is different from one another though their isolation from other civilizations plus their adaptations to Farandia's environment has led to some of them sharing commonalities. Due to their life cycle, fairies hold little value towards individual life. Opposite to most cultures, they view death as a normal everyday occurrence that is common enough to be casually ignored. Clans tend to prioritize the survival of their Queen above all else.

List of fairy clans

  • Unelm Clan - The ancestral fairy clan that was created directly by the Moth Mother. Believed to be extinct, the Unelm fairies had glowing moth wings.
  • Roheline Clan - One of the wealthiest clans, the Roheline Clan is known for its farms. They have plentiful harvests regularly and thus possess a surplus of food. This has allowed them to live pleasurable lives.
  • Kahju Clan - The Kahju Clan is considered barbaric by many standards. Not only do they eat meat, but they also offer captured fairies to their queen as meals.
  • Sinine Clan - The Sinine Clan is a primitive gatherer clan that lives high in the trees and mushrooms.
  • Muld Clan - The Muld Clan lives underground.
  • Saask Clan - The Saask Clan is known to drink blood. They are so different than regular fairies that many consider them to be a subspecies.