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Farandia is a continent full of exotic jungles inhabited by fairies. Due to its remote location from either Eidyn or Khyorgan, it remained completely uncharted throughout most of Erudite's history until the invention of the steamboat. Prior to that, the only way to reach Farandia was either through a very carefully placed teleportation spell or through the use of the fairy rings.

Physical characteristics

Though it was hypothesized to exist since the Antiquity Era, Farandia was long thought to be unreachable to the point where many doubted its existence. Maelstroms, hurricanes and sea monsters swirl about the coastlines, but within the eye of the storm is a lush, yet dangerous tropical paradise.

Portals to Farandia can be found in the form of mushroom rings, one of which is known to exist in Shuang. The mushroom ring has an identical counterpart in Farandia, and when one steps into the ring, they are transported to the other side. For the longest time, it was thought that Farandia was actually another plane of existence, but the adventures of the Erudite Traveler proved that Farandia exists in the same world as the other continents of Eidyn and Khyorgan.


The Ishnelm subcontinent is home to many different fairy clans. It is believed that Kaiju known as the Moth Mothers created this continent. However, only one Moth Mother remains due to being hunted to near extinction by the Giant Rocs.


Sometimes known as the Lost City of Fairies, Ishfalla is an ancient ruin created by the Unelm Clan. While its true purpose was unknown, it was likely a place of worship for the Moth Mothers.

Roheline Mountain

One of the tallest points in Farandia, Roheline Mountain is home to the Roheline Clan of fairies.

Daisy Lagoons

The Daisy Lagoons is an area consisting of storm drain runoff. It is mostly made up of low lying swamp lands and it comprises of the southern part of Ishnelm.

Mushroom Forest

The Mushroom Forest makes up eastern and northern Ishnelm.

Western Plains

The Western Plains make up western Ishnelm. It mostly consists of wetlands.

Marsh Sea

An area that surrounds the single continent on Ishnelm. The water in this area is shallow and not a true ocean and is mostly covered in pink algae The Marsh Sea has several islands, the largest of them is the Sunless Isles.

Tangled Island

The Tangled Island is a massive floating island collection of tangled vines and trees wound together like a great knot. There is no solid ground on this island, but it is believed to be the nest of a Giant Roc.

Sunless Isles

The Sunless Isles are found in the shadow of the Tangled Island. As no sunlight ever reaches this area, it remains in permanent darkness. However, the flora around it is bioluminescent which makes many parts brilliantly colored.

Mystic Mires

The Mystic Mires is a subcontinent shrouded in mystery. It is largely considered a forbidden place to go as it is rumored to be cursed. A hermetic giant standing at 340 feet tall lives in an enormous cottage.

Sequoia Isle

An island filled with giant sequoia ents. It is a mostly peaceful island, but should one of the ents be disturbed, they will awake and cause devastation. The Heilinthar are known to have summoned one of these ents using a powerful summoning spell in order to wreak havoc on Leir.

The island itself is actually the remains of an even larger ent known as Pando - thought to have originated as a sapling from the Great Tree of Bossniri. It was once roamed the whole world, trudging through the oceans as each step took at least one year. Upon its branches lived millions of inhabitants. However, Pando perished with the death of Isha as it was considered its source of life. Pando had crumbled, but despite this, its remains allowed other beings to spring to life upon its corpse.

Barrier of Storms

A large barrier of maelstroms, hurricanes and sea monsters surrounds all of Farandia. It was thought to be impassable for a very long time until the Erudite Traveler somehow managed to get past it. While they cannot leave through conventional means, it is not impossible for sorcerers and other powerful wizards to let them to the other side via a summoning spell.


Farandia has a highly alien landscape. Many plants are either red or yellow in color as opposed to the other continents which are usually green.


  • Giant mushroom - Giant mushrooms are large fungi that stand 100 feet tall.
  • Daisy Tree - The Daisy Tree is a large pink flower that is spread out to absorb as much sunlight as possible. Due to the magical nature of Farandia, Daisy Trees are capable of movement.
  • Tentatree - A tall tree-like plant whose sticky branches are capable of moving. When a creature gets too close, it grabs it with its sticky tentacles then brings it to the inside of its canopy. At the center of the canopy is a primitive, mouth-like structure which bathes its prey in acid. It mostly feeds on Sprites, but the biggest ones can eat Guardians.
  • Red pitcher plant - Red pitcher plants are carnivorous plants that lure fairies in with a sweet scent. Once they fall into the pitcher-like structure, their magical abilities become neutralized.
  • Cherry stalk - A stalked plant that contains small fruit. It is commonly harvested by fairies.
  • Inkberry - A plant that produces black dye.
  • Farandia saffron - A plant that produces yellow dye.


Most predators on Farandia dine on fairies due to their abundance.

  • Farandia frog - The Farandia frog is a predator that commonly preys on pixies by catching them with its tongue.
  • Lampreel - A worm-like creature that swallows prey whole. They also generate silk as a means of shielding themselves.
  • Flying hog - Flying hogs are avian creatures with pig-like snouts. They are herbivorous.
  • Pixeater - Pixeaters are two-legged mammals that use their long tongues to scoop up prey.
  • Vortex lion - Vortex lions are insects which dig holes in the ground, then catch prey by inhaling them into its large mouth.
  • Grubworm - Burrowing worm-like creatures that eat fairies and spit highly corrosive poison.


After the Shattering, the Moth Mothers carried out the dead goddess Isha's final will to continue to bring life to Erudite. Thus, the Moth Mothers created the fairy species and the first fairy clan - the Unelm Clan. Over time, the Unelm Clan evolved and split into multiple other clans each forming their own lifestyles. However, the Giant Rocs would eventually hunt the Moth Mothers to near extinction due to the chaotic nature of the Kaiju and the limited resources.