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Species Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Percival is a squire from the Principality of Zaragon.


Percival was born in a farming family in southern Zaragon where he raised livestock. When he was age 13, a group of barbarians from the mountains to the north raided his farm, burning it to the ground. His parents were killed, and his younger sister was captured as a slave while Percival himself was left stranded until a travelling squadron of knights showed up to rescue him.

Rather than being sent to an orphanage, Percival insisted on becoming a knight so that he could fight the barbarians and find his family. However, he was considered too old so his training would be different from all the other knights. With increasing raids, Percival altogether skipped the page stage and was made a squire.

Upon his twentieth birthday, he was told of the final stage to become a knight: to do a courageous deed. Percival wanted to locate his sister, but after months of searching turned up no leads especially due to the lack of funding. When he heard that a reward was being offered for retrieving the Mask of Bara, he joined the expedition.