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Welcome to Erudite Tales, a fantasy universe rich with a deep history of sprawling civilizations and ancient gods. The primary setting takes place on the planet Erudite, the center of a geocentric system. Throughout the history of Erudite, mortals have been influenced by the actions of the gods in the distant past.

Genre overview

Erudite Tales leans into hard fantasy. While it is a magical world that takes inspiration from various real-world folklore, it has grounded, internal logic to its fantasy elements in order to strive for consistency. The setting takes inspiration from various pre-modern cosmologies taking their world structures from an analytical angle.


Erudite Tales is divided into several eras separated by the relative dominant technologies at the time.

  • Pre-Shattering Era - The ancient time of the gods. The Old Pantheon ruled over Erudite and bestowed the seven Aard'Vorn upon mortals. The murder of the moon goddess Isha leads to an event known as the Shattering which results in the eventual death of the old gods.
  • Tribal Era - The majority of mortals live on Erudite as hunter-gatherers. Each of the different races migrate across the world to claim the land.
  • Antiquity Era - The earliest civilizations of mortals take their place. These were the trailblazers that made advancements in magical research including the development of magitek.
  • Medieval Era - A dark period begins as many magitek wielding civilizations collapse forcing most mortals to rely more on practical technology.
  • Renaissance Era - The start of the era begins with the Demon Wars, where demons from Brunikor invade the mortal realm. When mortals push back and achieve victory, they enter a golden period of renewed creativity.
  • Steam Era - Steam power becomes more prominent as mortals enter an industrial revolution.

Website history

Earliest days (2012 - 2015)

Erudite Tales was once part a multi-wiki group known as the Omniverse Nexus. It was the second setting to be introduced after Galactic Crucibles when users expressed a desire to explore fantasy elements in what was otherwise a predominantly sci-fi worldbuilding community. The original host was Wikia, now rebranded as Fandom. Despite the separation, many of the same authors for Galactic Crucibles also wrote for Erudite Tales.

MediaWiki era (2016 - 2020)

After months of discussion and debate, it was decided in 2015 that the Nexus community had outgrown Wikia as by that time the latter had shifted its focus to fandoms rather than original content. To facilitate complete control over the creations on the Nexus sites, Erudite Tales and the other wikis merged under a new, unified network now known as the Omniverse Nexus. The new site became host to six different settings: Galactic Crucibles, Erudite Tales, Infinite Histories, Dreamwalkers, Heroic Ages and Smog Hollows.

Closure of the Omniverse Nexus (2020)

On the 13th of November of 2020, it was officially announced that the Omniverse Nexus would be closed down. This was due to a variety of reasons from scheduling conflicts to creative differences. However, the most significant reason was that it was deemed that the individual settings of the Omniverse Nexus would flourish more strongly on their own. And thus, after more than ten years of storytelling and worldbuilding, the Omniverse Nexus was discontinued, and the community went their separate ways.

  • Galactic Crucibles - Galactic Crucibles became its own wiki which can be viewed here. While migrating articles from the old website, an opportunity was taken to retcon some story elements to better refocus on the xenofiction aspect.
  • Erudite Tales - Erudite Tales has its own revitalization in the works as well as its own website which you are currently viewing. Erudite Tales went into a dormant period for about two years while its authors focused on migrating Galactic Crucibles, the largest setting of the Omniverse Nexus at the time.
  • Dreamwalkers - Dreamwalkers was split into two separate settings with only loose connections between them. There's Chromogar's Sagamaya saga and Krayfishkarl's Dreamwalkers section of Krayfishkarl's Krayverse.
  • Heroic Ages - Heroic Ages was rebooted to focus on the story arc taking place in the MIM solar system. It can be found here as its own section of Krayfishkarl's Krayverse.

The new Erudite Tales era (2022 - present)

Erudite Tales emerged from dormancy when Maj and Krayfishkarl began to sort through the older lore in order to create a new, consistent storyline. On 15 August 2023, the old Omniverse Nexus website was shut down. However, the stories themselves still survive, and many more await to be told!