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Brunikor (also known as the Chaos) is the plane of existence where Demons originate from. Consisting of creation that was never developed into proper worlds by the gods, Brunikor comprises of random chaotic magic as well as previous versions of the universe that were discarded by Asmos. As such, it is thought that the entire universe once looked like Brunikor.


Mortals and most living things cannot survive in Brunikor without the assistance of powerful aether magic. The space-time of the area is simply too unstable for normal living beings to survive within it. As such, the only entities one is likely to find are Demons, life forms that sprung up naturally from the chaos. However, Demons themselves cannot survive in normal space without similar sort of assistance. This means that most Demons that enter Erudite either use a shadowy projection of their true form or travel directly through powerful summoning magic.

Points of interest

The only known civilization in Brunikor is a large city known as Duivelmassa. It is a gigantic floating city made out of chunks of volcanic rock. Towers twist in impossible, chaotic directions, and it is said if a mortal were to be able to walk through its halls, they would go mad from trying to process them mentally.