Darcy Lynette

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Darcy Lynette is a mage slave from House Agate. When Overseer Lynette Agate was forced to liquidate the assets of her reactor, she chose to set all of her slaves free, and Darcy chose to join the Militia.


Darcy is for the most part very unsure of her own actions. Having been raised in an isolated environment under the direct care and supervision of her overseer, Darcy still acts and speaks quite childishly even into her late teens. Although she is viewed by many to be ignorant and somewhat naive, Darcy possesses a great, hidden intellect able to find unorthodox solutions to problems out of sheer ignorance using her mage abilities to her advantage.

Skills and abilities

Born as a mage, Darcy has a number of special abilities with direct control over residual ekati particles in the air. Her most visible ability is telekinesis, with heavier objects requiring more mental power to move. She can also cloak her skin in burning particles that scald opponents on contact. Her powers rely directly on her physical and mental stamina, and thus, she passes out if she uses her abilities excessively.

Like all mages, Darcy can also produce ekati through concentrated meditation. Unlike other reactors where mage slaves were forced to produce ekati, Darcy did so willingly despite the health risks associated with it and the radiation produced from it.



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