Ekati King

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King Kindlus Potenka Leir (more well known as the Ekati King) is the former ruler of the Kingdom of Leir. After his father was mysteriously assassinated, the Ekati King became utterly terrified of death and sought to make sure that he would never meet the same fate.

Using the Aard'Vorn Worldstone as a power source, he underwent a complex magitek experiment that turned his body into ekati crystal, effectively becoming immortal. The Ekati King has considered himself to have ascended to godhood due having become one with ekati crystal. He has lost his human body entirely, but he remained alive after his soul was transferred into the crystal itself. As a top priority, should the Ekati King ever die, his followers are pledged to bring him back to life by transferring his soul to another crystal, a highly vigorous procedure.

When the Aard'Vorn caused a chain reaction that obliterated the Leir region, the Ekati King survived despite being at ground zero of the blast. However, he soon became buried in layers of ash and rubble where he would be forgotten. Even more than a century later, the Ekati King remains conscious though his mind has deteriorated into insanity.