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Emsius ("Land of Exodus" in ancient Leirian) is a minor continent found in the ocean northwest of Valordyn. The continent has a varied geography of plains, forests and deserts.


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Cyrasia is the most populated region found in the eastern half of Emsius. Humanity has conquered much of the continent leading to the extinction of virtually all megafauna and ekati-based creatures once native to the continent. Cyrasia, while a fairly mundane land in terms of wildlife diversity, has highly fertile soil making it one of the most ideal locations for human civilization.


The largest region covering most of the west, a vast desert once a wet swampland in the past, but today was transformed into a desert during the Great Crusade - the battle between two rival factions of supernatural beings. Lithica is dominated by the New Leir Empire who claim themselves as the direct successors of the Leirian legacy, attempting to rebuild the empire exactly how it was.


Anitira suffers from devastating windstorms and tornadoes due to a giant unstable ekati crystal below the surface causing a rift in space-time to bring in two drastically different colliding temperatures. Anitira is covered in both fields of lava and icebergs making most of it uninhabitable most forms of life, but the island of Kulbrenna is a safe haven from this inhospitable climate.


A small continent directly southwest of Lithica, Feris is a wild, exotic land having remained untouched by humans for nearly 2,000 years. It is the last remaining area within Emsius that survived the volcanic extinction event.

The nations of Cyrasia have recently begun a series of expeditions to colonize and explore this land, but the hostile wildlife has made it a slow process. Many mages that survived the Great Crusade fled to Feris to restart their own ambitions enslaving both Feris natives and Cyrasian colonists.

List of nations

  • New Leir Empire - The largest country in Emsius which occupies the majority of the region of Lithica.
  • Arguros - The second largest country in Emsius, it occupies central Cyrasia and has a diverse climate.
  • Kulbrenna - An island nation off the coast of the largely inhospitable Anitira. In Emsius' early history, they were known as brutal conquerors.
  • Shale - A tiny island nation known for being constantly surrounded by a thunderstorm. While the weather remains gloomy, the Shalic people have built their city around lightning rods and were the first in Emsius to harness the power of electricity.
  • Marperio - A coastal, tropical nation known for its natural beauty. Its capital city of Tylia is the largest port city in Emsius, and is often the location where traders from Valordyn arrive.
  • Belavaer - Known as the fashion center of Emsius, Belavaer is a posh, rich location founded by wealthy merchants and tailors. What started as a successful trading business eventually became corrupted into a corporate dictatorship.
  • Govadia - A desert nation occupying the border around the Dariel Sea which separates Cyrasia from Lithica.


Much of Emsius' more fantastic wildlife went extinct during the Great Crusade. As a result, many life forms that incorporated ekati into their biology died off as they were slaughtered in masses in order to harvest the ekati. The few that remain are close to extinction.

Notable creatures

  • Strufenix - A large, flightless bird with many colored feathers. Known for its ability to breathe fire, it inhabits the deserts of Leir, and is often used for mounts.
  • Magus Oyster - A species of bivalve that naturally produces ekati in its pearl form. Magus oysters were extensively used by the city of Jacinth which made it one of the leading produces of ekati in the entire Cyrasian continent. Although it dominated the economy throughout most of the industrial era, overharvesting has led the species to become critically endangered making human-produced ekati a far more viable option. Today, Magus Oyster pearls sell for very high prices on the black market.
  • Arcanowar - A species of cnidarian that produces an internal liquefied ekati. To defend itself from predators, it sprays a near-lethal dose of the liquid enough to trigger the preliminary stages of ekati poisoning. Despite this, the agents found within the liquid can be refined into a healing elixir that promotes longevity and good health. Arcanowar are usually found in the Dariel and Magterian Seas.