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K'radin is a Sea Elf engineer in Marperio. He is a prominent, ambitious inventor who was one of the original pioneers of steam technology in Emsius, responsible for shaping it to the standard used in Marperio over a century ago. He's been alive for hundreds of years due to his species' slow aging although he has lately taken a less active stance in his work.

K'radin takes on the appearance of a large, red crustacean. While not a master of magic, his heritage allows him to shoot a sonic wave from one of his claws. K'radin, however, is not much of a fighter, and often uses this ability to test the structural integrity of his creations.


K'radin is very ambitious, always thinking of ways to improve existing ideas, but at times, he can be considered arrogant. Very often, he has clashed with other political leaders in Marperio regarding the progression of technology. He is considered partly responsible for Marperio's technological revolution after years of self-imposed stagnancy, but many debate on the merits of his actions. To some, he's considered a hero who made other's lives better, but to others, he's considered a defiler of tradition due to the changes he's invoked.