Mago Frihet

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Mago Frihet is a general serving the military of the Kingdom of Leir. He is a member of the magic knights, a group of elite swordsmen who are well versed in both physical and magical combat. He is often considered the leader of the magic knights and is a powerful opponent especially in close combat.


Since age six, Mago has been trained as a knight, being subject to rigorous training as a means to produce the best of the best. Although his motives are ambiguous, he prefers to live honorably and do what he thinks is right.

Skills and abilities

Every magic knight has their own way of fighting opponents. Mago Frihet employs a defensive, hit and run strategy. He makes use of weapons and armor forged from both ekati and mithril, creating a hybrid magical metal which allows him to conserve his own energy.

Mago mostly uses his array of weapons to add elemental damage to his attacks. For example, when striking an opponent with his sword, flames can be generated as a result.



Mago Frihet's armor can absorb almost all types of standard magic, recovering both his ekati and stamina levels. His armor also generates a magical barrier that weakens the power of non-magical attacks.


When the magic in his armor runs out, he has to go into cover and recharge his own armor. However, during this time, his magical defense barrier is down so he is vulnerable to melee attacks. Many who have fought him in combat have used magic-draining spells as a means of speeding up the battle.

Mago Frihet can also be injured if he simply hit with a powerful enough spell that would overload his armor's ability to absorb the magic. For example, he has difficulty withstanding the breath of a dragon. [[Category:Articles by User:Krayfishkarl