Old Pantheon

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The Old Pantheon consists of the very first gods to appear in the universe of Erudite. They shaped Erudite and its nearby celestial bodies.

List of gods

  • Asmos - The creator of the universe. Asmos brought the cosmos into existence by shaping what was previously random chaos into something more orderly and stable. Asmos is the only survivor of the Old Pantheon, mostly due to completely staying out of the conflict that was the Shattering.
  • Ouros - Created by Asmos, Ouros was the shaper of Erudite. He did this by bringing his dreams into the physical world. His corpse became the sun.
  • Ema - Ema is considered by many to be the mother of all mortals. Legend has it that she is an impossibly beautiful woman who blinds those who look at her.
  • Isha - One of the twin moon goddesses. Once a giant snail that drifted through the aether, Isha was murdered by Vaskus. Her corpse became one of Erudite's moons, and her scattered remains formed the ring Isha's Grace.
  • Kosa - The second of the moon goddesses, Kosa was also a giant snail. Her corpse became the second moon of Erudite.
  • Vaskus - A dark counterpart to Ouros who formed as a consequence of Asmos introducing such a powerful being into the universe. Vaskus is heavily associated with Deep Ekati.