Sand Elf

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Sand Elves or Vælithar were a subrace of elves descended from a group that preferred the desert to the forest and migrated there long ago. Found primarily in arid climates, sand elves often had poor relations with the other races of elves, who considered them an embarrassment. Despite this, sand elves typically got along well with rock elves.


Unlike other groups of elves, the desert elves' height ranged from 5 to 6 feet and their weight is usually from 90 to 180 pounds. Sand elves still maintained the same facial features most elves had, except for the hair, which was curly and usually brown, though it could range from darker to lighter. Their eyes were either gray or dark brown, with rare examples of black or even purple.


Sand elves were native to the Amacata Desert, where most lived under the rule of the Taulan Tribe.