Abyssal Machine

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The Abyssal Machine was an ancient construct built by the Segaran Technocracy built as a guardian against outside enemies. It was known to attack ships that stray too far into the Gulf of Segara.

The remains of other similarly sized mechanized constructs have been discovered at the bottom of the ocean, evidence that the Segaran Technocracy once had entire armies of them. They no longer exist today, but when the genie Murni threatened to destroy Khyorgan by crashing a floating city into the surface, the last functional Abyssal Machine was used to stop it.


Over 100 meters in length, the Abyssal Machine is serpentine in shape with large fins towards the head region. It is mostly gold-bronze in color with glowing blue lines forming geometric patterns all throughout the body. The head itself has a mouth which can open to reveal a railgun capable of firing powerful beams of magic making it a dangerous entity for seafarers. Even the machine's raw strength is enough to split a ship in two.

Some have remarked that the Abyssal Machine bears a strong resemblance to a Sentinel. There is strong evidence that the Segaran Technocracy had intended to make the Abyssal Machine as a mockery towards the Sentinels, but the true reason remains lost to history.

Defending against the Abyssal Machine

The Abyssal Machine's main gun is the most dangerous part of it. A powerful magic blast or a well-aimed cannon shot into the machine's mouth should stun it. This will cause the Abyssal Machine to retreat to the bottom of the ocean to repair itself.