Segaran Technocracy

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The Segaran Technocracy was an ancient magitek civilization that inhabited the South Nautilus Isles. Their capital was located on the large island of Karang Batu.

When the civilization fell, so did the cities which plunged into the ocean, sinking to the depths to be forgotten. Although the original inhabitants have long since vanished, the robot servants have survived to the present day, some of which have become pirates that regularly patrol the isles, plundering unsuspecting travelers.

Today, the ruins of their civilization can be found all throughout the isles, and their artifacts are targets by looters.


They were known were constructing iron clad ships as well as magical servants. Their oceanic colonies also floated on the surface of the ocean.

One of their pinnacle creations are the Abyssal Machines, serpentine constructs that dwell the depths of the ocean. They rise to the surface and attack ships with their magical beams. Although most are derelict, at least one is still operational to this day, fiercely guarding the ruins as if they were still active.


According to legend, the King of Segara made a deal with an Aetherian, asking to be the immortal ruler of an eternal kingdom. This would upset the balance, but the Aetherian was bound to comply. To get around this, the Aetherian sent the king back in time so that he would become the founder of the Segaran Technocracy and be forced to watch his civilization rise and fall repeatedly forever. Thus, the foolish king got what he wanted, but became stuck in a time loop.

If the king wanted to escape from the time loop, then history would undo itself; the Segaran Technocracy and the immortal king would have never existed, and all traces of the Segaran ruins would be wiped from existence. Despite this, the Segaran Technocracy became an everlasting civilization by constantly going back in time. Many believe that this is the reason why it seems that all of the inhabitants of Segara vanished.


  • Sentinel Empire - The Segaran Technocracy's relations with the Sentinel Empire are bitter, but little is known of the details. The Segarans believed themselves to be superior to the Sentinels, not needing their protection.