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The Arbiters are an organization of revenant knights that patrol the deepest caves of Erudite. Their goal is to prevent mortals from making use of Deep Ekati so that they supposedly do not destroy themselves. They are believed to have formed around the time the Aard'Vorn were first scattered around 3,000 years before the Demon Wars.

Arbiters appear as hollow suits of armor from varying eras while a ghostly essence controls them. Being considered undead, Arbiters have an indefinite lifespan, but they can be incapacitated with enough physical damage to their armor, rendering them unable to move. Rumor has it that to replenish their ranks, they seek out the greatest champions all across Erudite then forcibly drain their life essence until they become one of them. Arbiters tend to have the most frequent run ins with mortals that make heavy use of mining or settling underground areas.

Arbiters also have a complex military ranking system like most other armies. The whole ranking system is not fully understood, but some individual Arbiters have been identified as generals or leaders that command other troops.


  • General Lucien - Known for invading the Orcish city of Ogruna during the Demon Wars.
  • General Ramiel - An Arbiter that was captured by the Kingdom of Leir and put under a mind control spell.