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Ekati was a source of magical power found only on Erudite, it was an element that usually came in the form of a crystal, an ore that shaped the world for many of the mortal races of Erudite. It has been used for a variety of applications, starting off as ingredients for simple spells before being used for industrial purposes in the form of magitek - long before the invention of steam and coal power.

Understanding of ekati has changed over thousands of years. Early studies of ekati once classified them as completely separate substances but newer developments have led to the theory that all ekati has a common source. Their divergent formations have simply led to them taking on different shapes and properties. It is believed that ekati crystals are attuned to the seven elements in differing amounts, which is what allows them to exhibit so many different properties.

Types of ekati

Magia Ekati

Typically, the assumed subject if "Ekati" was mentioned, Magia Ekati was a gemstone which could hold and unleash magic. Magia Ekati crystals functioned like batteries, storing magical energy for a near-indefinite period of time if left undisturbed. The Ekati crystal's size would, under normal circumstances, be proportionate to the energy contained within.

Due to the immense power contained within the relatively small space of a crystal, Magia Ekati was a volatile element. If an ekati crystal were cracked, magic would start to leak out in the form of an almost unnoticeable silver mist called Majbreath. Any spell cast when in the presence of Majbreath becomes several times more powerful, usually when the caster does not want it to be. Even small spells like changing a book from tiny size to normal size in Majbreath can result in the book becoming massive.

Magic power could also be transferred between two ekati crystals. Usually, this ability was used in charging smaller Ekati-powered tools or weapons from a large storage battery, or refueling a larger container with smaller, recently mined crystals. Some magic creatures, such as the Fey found in Sky Pass, Teleios, and East Teleios in northern Eidyn, or the Magma Golems of Heznland and Mrigae, had an Ekati "core" as their central organ, which they could recharge by draining other Ekati crystals.

If too much energy was transferred into one crystal, overloading its capacity, the crystal's powers could vent out in unpredictable and frequently dangerous ways.

Magia Ekati was found naturally as a crystalline ore occurring in veins below Erudite's surface, and in its mountains. Ekati would sometimes bubble up from deep below the ground, usually underwater, and small but continuous seeps of it allowed some organic life to rely on its presence. Some species can even spray liquid ekati to defend itself from predators.

Eneran Ekati

Aligned heavily with the element of Aether, this type of Ekati had a neutralizing effect on gravity. Eneran Ekati was found in abundance on floating islands, the levitation of which the Ekati was responsible for. Eneran Ekati crystals were sometimes used by mortals to get their airships aloft.

Parean Ekati

Parean Ekati was the rarest of the Ekati variants. Instead of using magic, or creating it, it instead nullified magic, and destroyed Magia Ekati. Parean Ekati was deadly to many creatures that relied on magic to survive.

When Parean Ekati nullified magic, it disintegrated, either partially or in full depending on how much magic it absorbed. Parean Ekati's magic immunity made it difficult to locate for the mortal races of Erudite, driving up its rarity, value, and mystique.

Deep Ekati

Deep Ekati is considered a forbidden form of ekati. It is essentially crystallized chaos from when the universe was still being formed - essentially, a solid form of the essence of the plane of Brunikor. Found around in the deepest caverns of Erudite, Deep Ekati glows a crimson red. It is incredibly volatile, capable of unleashing immense magical energy more potent than any other form of ekati. It is capable of tearing ruptures in space-time into Brunikor to release not only raw, destructive chaos energy but also armies of Demons. Thus, Deep Ekati is a crucial component in complex summoning rituals though it can also be used as an energy source just like any other form of ekati.

Like Magia Ekati, Deep Ekati also produces a Majbreath mist (known to Leir and Emsius as Deep Ekati radiation) when cracked. However, what makes it different is that direct, unprotected exposure has some disturbing effects. If direct contact with exposed skin is made, a mortal becomes what is known as a ghoul - a being afflicted with constant pain and agony while becoming rampant towards any other living being. Depending on the amount of exposure, after a certain amount of time, a ghoul will violently explode, releasing crystalline shrapnel and more mist to infect other beings.

It is thought that Deep Ekati is the byproduct of Vaskus, a malevolent god that formed as a dark counterpart to Ouros shortly after the creation of the universe. As such, even though Vaskus is long dead, his memories are preserved within the lattices of Deep Ekati crystals. Essentially, it is theorized that Deep Ekati is in fact the crystallized hatred of Vaskus - hence why it is so destructive. Due to its dangers, an order of knights known as the Arbiters patrol Erudite's underground doing everything absolutely necessary to stop anyone from attempting to mine Deep Ekati.


  • Ekáti is Greek for Hecate, the ancient Greek goddess of magic.