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Bara is an Aetherian that played a role in guiding the Halfings of Kesuma. Though not technically a goddess, she is worshipped as such as a deity that signifies rebirth, life and new beginnings. The element of fire is strongly associated with her.


When Bara was initially discovered by outsiders, they were unsure if she was a member of a species or a unique individual. Bara is capable of shapeshifting, evolving as she absorbs more memories, though her favorite form is that of a young girl with flames for hair.

Bara is an extraordinarily powerful being. The weather can change drastically based on her current mood. When she is happy or content, the clouds part making way for sunlight. When she is frightened or depressed, thunderstorms occur. And when she is furious, volcanoes erupt and meteors rain down from the sky.


The goddess Ema was physically annihilated during the Shattering. While most of the other old gods' memories scattered across the cosmos, Ema's went into the earth given her association with the planet. Upon the creation of Khyorgan, a powerful, magical creature was born within the fires of Mt. Bara which the creature would be named after. Bara, destined to begin inheriting Ema's memories, was born with a child-like personality. Fascinated, Bara continued to meditate, attempting to reconnect with this past life of hers.

One day the most tragic of memories came to Bara - the memory of the Shattering and the death of countless of Ema's children. Unable to process the tremendous magnitude of grief, she flew into a blind rage setting fire to the island of Kesuma and destroying nearly all life on it. Becoming horrified at what she just did, she sat down and wept, creating rainstorms that over several weeks would put out the fires. Though the island was scorched and scarred, life would reemerge when Bara discovered a single living sapling. She did everything in her power to ensure it to survive to allow life to return to the island. However, she continued to fear that she could hurt others with her blind fury and did not trust herself to keep her emotions under control in the event she absorbed another tragic memory.

As such, Bara wanted to forget about her previous life and purge the memories from her head, but she was told by the Celestial Council that it was the destiny of all Aetherians to preserve the knowledge and experiences of the old gods. Thus, Bara came up with a work around. She forged herself a metal mask which could hold all the negative memories and emotions that caused her distress. This was not enough however as to balance out her psyche, she decided to store all her positive emotions into other artifacts - specifically four stone colossi. Essentially, she sealed herself away so that she could have peace of mind having tasked the four colossi into guarding the mask. Her followers in Clan Permulaan heeded her words, and thus, they constructed temples to house the four stone giants.

It would not be long before rumors of a powerful magical mask spread across Khyorgan, inviting adventurers and treasure hunters to seek it out. One such party of adventurers, seeking to use the mask for their own personal goals, unwittingly released Bara from her seal. Panicked and terrified, Bara flew into another rage and caused a meteor storm, but the adventurers managed to calm her down before any serious damage was done. Realizing that she could hide no longer, Bara decided to take the opportunity to resolve the lingering personal issues she put aside before sealing herself.

Four stone giants

The four stone giants are the incarnations of Bara's positive emotions. They are tasked with protecting the island of Kesuma.

  • Kadala - The idol of fire with the head of a serpent. Having four arms each with a saber, she is a fire-breathing dancer skilled in magic and is the guardian of the volcano. When Kadala is awake, her eyes glow red. Kadala represents strong will and excitement, and she is the shortest, yet fastest of the colossi.
  • Aji-Raja - The idol of earth with the head of a baboon. The guardian of the forest, he is a warrior carrying a large club. When Aji-Raja is awake, his eyes glow green. Aji-Raja represents concentration and focus, and he is the tallest of the colossi.
  • Hiukan - The idol of water with the head resembling both a hammerhead shark and a dolphin. Coral covers his body due to his lengthy time spent living underwater. Wielding tonfas, he is a cunning, stealthy creature that protects the sea. When Hiukan is awake, his eyes glow blue. Hiukan represents serenity and grace, and he is the bulkiest of the colossi.
  • Nazara - The idol of wind with the head of an eagle. She has two great wing-arms sharp as blades, yet allowing her to fly, and she is the guardian of the sky. When Nazara is awake, her eyes glow yellow. Nazara represents free spirit, and she is the longest colossi.