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Demons are the natives of Brunikor, a plane that comprises the unformed chaos leftover from the creation of the universe. In many respects, demons could be considered the first forms of life, predating Asmos himself.


Demons take an immense variety of appearances, often as grotesque, alien beings that do not resemble anything found in Erudite. They have often been compared to imitations of life, having organic limbs and parts placed about them without rhyme or reason. While most demons look completely different from one another, a few species began to form over time - especially after the creation of Erudite. Demons heavily vary in intelligence. Some are animalistic in behavior acting entirely on instinct while others are extremely intelligent and cunning. However, their diversity of behaviors makes them extremely difficult to predict.

The main caveat of demon physiology is that because of their origin within the chaos, they cannot survive in normal space without assistance. As such, they usually have to project themselves with avatars or get assistance from a powerful mage capable of summoning them directly. A demon's primary form of sustenance are spirits and the souls of other beings. Because of their difficulty in entering normal space, they tend to prey on one another.


Due to their inherit chaotic nature, it is considered difficult for the Demons to hold any form of longstanding society or culture. However, this has not stopped them from trying. The most intelligent demons formed a hierarchy of nobles with the most powerful of them holding the title of Lord. The Lords tend to assume control of less intelligent demons to effectively make them extensions of their will. However, very few demons hold their titles for long due to constant infighting.


In one incident, a secretive group known as the Shadow Force summoned numerous Demons to stage an invasion against Erudite, setting off what is known as the Demon Wars. The Shadow Force, however, could not keep the Demons under their control indefinitely, eventually leading to them going rampant and attacking settlements indiscriminately.

Notable Demons

  • Abraxas - One of the first Demon Lords to appear on Erudite. Known for essentially starting the Demon Wars.
  • Ziminiar - A Demon Lord that destroyed the city of Gammel.
  • Ephialtis - The largest Demon ever known - so large that his body is considered part of the natural terrain of Brunikor in most locations. He is described as a leviathan with multiple reaching arms, gazing eyes and toothed mouths.