Gibral Peninsula

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The Gibral Peninsula is located in the southernmost area of Obreidhion. To the north is the Amacata Desert, a vast region found within a massive rain shadow.


Gibral has a craggy, rocky landscape. The Picos Mountains cut off the peninsula from the rest of the mainland, serving as a natural border. These mountains along with several other smaller scattered mountain ranges provide the source for four rivers that run throughout. The lower altitudes tend to be more tropical sporting year round temperatures of 80° F.

Within these mountains are large natural caves which contain crystallized potassium nitrate, one of the major ingredients of gunpowder.


Much of the peninsula's forests consists of oak, beech and birch. These plants are exceptionally rare on Khyorgan, and they are believed to have been imported from Eidyn by ancient human visitors that brought greenery to a once barren landscape.

Geographic features

Picos Mountains

The Picos Mountains are a mountain chain that runs along the northern regions of the peninsula, cutting it off from the mainland and serving as a natural barricade to potential invaders from the north. The mountains are high enough in altitude to be covered in snow year round.

Camino Channel

The peninsula is known for the Camino Channel, a large natural waterway that runs straight through the middle of the peninsula. It serves as a major means of defense for Polvora's capital of Bastillo. The innermost part of the channel is known as Camino Lake which has a large island called Bastillo Island.

Bastillo Island

Bastillo Island is a large island in the middle of Camino Lake. On this island is the city of Bastillo which is connected to the mainland via a great drawbridge.


  • Bastillo - Bastillo is the capital of the Kingdom of Polvora. It is located on Bastillo Island, which is at the center of Camino Lake.
  • Port Arcoris - Port Arcoris is at the southern tip of the Gibral Peninsula at the eastern corner of the Camino Channel. It is a bustling city where exotic goods from all over find their way here.