South Nautilus Isles

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The South Nautilus Isles are a large group of islands scattered throughout the region just south of the Gibral Peninsula and east of the Gulf of Segara.

For a long time, these islands remained isolated as the Abyssal Machine fiercely guarded the area. The tribes that lived on the islands developed in isolation until other seafaring empires developed means of fending off the mechanical monstrosity.



Main article: Kesuma

Kesuma is a large island to the west of Karang Batu. It is home to Clan Permulaan.

Isla del Cielo

Isla del Cielo is the tallest mountain of an underwater mountain range visible on the surface as an archipelago that closes off the Gulf of Segara. Isla Cielo, the tallest mountain of this archipelago, reaches high enough to touch the clouds, and on a clear day, it can even be seen all the way from the Gibral Peninsula.

Sueño Island

Sueño Island consists of a mountain top but with an inward depression that protects it from hurricanes and other tropical storms. It is considered a calm, relaxing haven.

Karang Batu

Main article: Karang Batu

Karang Batu is a very large island, roughly equivalent in size to the Gibral Peninsula. Karang Batu mostly consists of desert and salt plains, and its ecosystem is wildly different than even the mainland.

Wayward Isle

Wayward Isle is a tiny island off the eastern coast of Kesuma. Fairly unremarkable, the island is uninhabited featuring nothing more than a tiny patch of oasis.