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Korilene is a Moon Elf from Lunar Atoll. She was a member of the expedition to locate the Mask of Bara.


Korilene has long silvery white hair. She often wears blue and white robes and carries a staff to assist her in focusing her magical energies.


Korilene grew up around large groups of people. She is very sociable and talkative, but very awkward. Having grown up in an environment isolated from other cultures, she is often profoundly fascinated with mundane things as well as knowledge that would be considered common to the rest of the world.

Although naive and sometimes gullibe, Korilene has an encyclopedic knowledge of astromancy. Astromancy is the most frequent topic she prattles on about as she was raised with the fascination. Even the aspects of it she disliked were drilled into her head repeatedly during her studies.

Despite this, she has occasionally gotten bored with astromancy often turning her attention to other fields of study. She’s often struggled to find her own identity among her peers. On an impulse, she’s wandered off occasionally far from Naticidia’s safe confines. She’s had frequent run-ins with hostile wildlife and on some occasions, pirates.


Korilene was a student born in Naticidia. Growing up in the city’s communal lifestyle, she never met her real parents, but was raised by a teacher alongside other children her age.

When she turned eighteen, she was enrolled at the Astromancy University of Naticidia. For one of her research projects, she decided to visit Khyorgan to learn about ancient artifacts. She ended up meeting a band of travelers who were in search of the Mask of Bara. Upon arrival in Khyorgan, she quickly found that there were many dangers present. She got far more adventure than she bargained for.


Korilene is gifted with astromancy, able to harness its powers to create a variety of different enchantments and potions. She is also gifted in being able to see into the future. These future sightings ranged in scope from mundane near future occurrences to potential major historical events. While these future sightings might not always come to pass, they are often indicators of significant events both good and bad.

Korilene is self-taught with using swords. However, she has no formal military training and thus, finds herself very clumsy with handling them. She often defers to her companions such as Percival or Tigeleman who are far more skilled at the blade. In a pinch, her lack of experience can sometimes throw an enemy off as she makes moves that her opponents would not expect.

Korilene is actively training to learn how to use her future sight in conjunction with combat so that she can learn to predict her opponent’s moves. It is a skill she has far from mastered, but she began acquiring it out of necessity after being faced with the many dangers of the island of Kesuma.