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Naticidia is the largest city in Lunar Atoll located at its center. It is considered the center of civilization for the Fallathar, an ethnic group of Moon Elves.


The entire city sits atop a platform supported by a pillar which extends all the way to the ocean floor above an ancient deposit of ekati that originated from a meteor strike. Silvers and blues are the main colors used in the city's architecture while spiral patterns resembling a snail shell are a common motif. Snails are considered important due to their relationship with the two moons of Erudite - Isha being a deceased husk of a snail goddess and Kosa, Isha’s still living daughter.

Seven bridges connect it to the different parts of the atoll. These are the main highways of trade on Lunar Atoll. Each bridge is architecturally themed after each planet.

Naticidia’s pinnacle is considered its university, the Naticidia University of Astromancy (NUA). It boasts comprehensive research on astromancy and divination. The central lobby of NUA contains a large orrery depicting the Erudite system with its moons, planets and stars orbiting Erudite via a series of complex mechanisms. It updates in real time to match the movements of the Erudite system, but it can also be rewound and fast forwarded to study past and potential future planetary formations.


Naticidia is ruled by a Grand Magister. Positions of status are measured by professional knowledge and academic aptitude.

There are no nuclear families. Instead, groups of children around similar ages are put together to be taught magic. Their teacher in many ways acts as a parent.

Naticidia has historically been very withdrawn and isolated. As their culture revolved around studying the stars, they often found little need to venture beyond the Ringshadow Isles. All the astronomical objects they needed to observe could be seen from their location. However, after mainland Khyorgan began entering a more modern era, Naticidia slowly opened up to trade when an increased demand for knowledge on Erudite astronomy took place. Since then, it became a new tradition to send students of NUA to the mainland to bring back foreign knowledge to enrich themselves and their peers.

Naticidia lacks a permanent standing military as they consider themselves to be more pacificistic. They often resort to hiring mercenaries and big game hunters to defend their city from outside threats. These hires have mostly come from nearby settlements in the Ringshadow Isles although they’ve also been reaching out to Khyorgan for additional help after pirate invasions had become more frequent.


Naticidia’s technology is geared towards astromancy. They make use of pylons and obelisks designed for channeling elemental energies which can be redirected to generate power. They created street lamps and complex, gear-based mechanisms from this power source.

Because they often defer to outside sources for military aid, Naticidia is fairly lacking in weapons technology. Despite this, mithril is commonly used in the forging of their hunting tools.

Notable inhabitants