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Marama is a Karaihe, often regarded in Asmosian religion as the angel of mercy. Marama interfered in early Emsius history to give humanity a fighting chance against the appearance of numerous of Bargods during an event known as the Great Crusade.


Marama is only slightly taller than an average human with a slight build which makes her considerably smaller than most Karaihe. She also possesses a set of crystalline wings and is of a rare color of Karaihe - white. As she is constantly shining, humans have often referred to her as an angel for her motherly behavior towards mortals. Because of this, even though Karaihe are technically genderless, her feminine appearance and behaviors have led many mortals to refer to her as female.

Marama is known for her healing songs. Her singing is said to calm a mortal's mind to make them perfectly level-headed to ease all of their tensions and fears - a stark contrast to the more malevolent Kino who wishes to exploit any traces of negativity.


Marama preaches to her subjects that evil exists in order to one day be conquered, but mortals as they are now are comparable to children. Her only desire is to protect mortals from destroying themselves. As a result, she can be very micromanaging, but her intentions are pure. She wishes to help everyone, seeing the good even in those who are the most misguided.


As the conclusion of the Karaihe Civil War drew near, Marama attempted to "cure" Kino of his illness - his obsession over trying to learn what pain and suffering was. She did all she could to ease him, singing to him for hours and hours, but even Marama could not do it. Although Kino was considered evil by many, Marama viewed him as a brother and was very reluctant to banish him to the abyss.

Overwhelmed with regret, Marama vowed to never return to the surface world to interfere with mortals believing having failed to cure Kino, she had no place preaching her flawed beliefs to mortals.