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Kino is a Toto-Karaihe known for being extraordinarily powerful and having a twisted sense of morality. It is not known how old he is exactly, but he is at least as old as when the Tahito-Karaihe were constructing Erudite in its original crystalline form.


Kino is just over 30 feet tall with a slender humanoid shape and bladed arms. He is cunning, but also egotistical. He has a morbid curiosity of mortals and organic material. He claims that he is merely following the example of the god Kau reasoning that if he were truly benevolent, then he would not have allowed mortals to experience suffering. As such, Kino is brutally malevolent, looking to learn how mortals experience pain and suffering as those are feelings completely alien to Karaihe.


Reign of the Scourge

Considered the scourge of humanity by Asmosians, Kino is responsible for providing Deep Ekati to Leir during the height of their power, causing the near destruction of the world. In exchange for ekati crystals, both regular and Deep, Leir would provide slaves and unwanted populations for Kino to run his experiments. His goal: to understand pain and suffering out of morbid curiosity, attempting to learn why it exists in the first place.

Kino's forms of torture were often psychological, using physical harm only when necessary. He'd bore into one's mind and introduce Deep Ekati into their blood stream to convert them into ekati ghouls. He'd also run social experiments in walled off locations and force a group of people to solve a particular task within a certain time limit.

Terrifyingly, he even showed some of his techniques to Leir during its Deep Ekati-era and they would use the same form of torture on prisoners of war, captured foreign civilians and those deemed unwanted.


Shortly following the destruction of the Kingdom of Leir, the Puru-Karaihe banded together to seal Kino in the abyss - as Karaihe are immortal, they cannot be killed off for good as their soul would just move to another set of ekati crystals, so he was banished to the deepest caverns in the world. Prior to his banishment, another Karaihe named Marama attempted to cure him of his violent tendencies, but she failed. Though Marama saw Kino as a misguided brother, she had no choice but to agree to his banishment.

Upon his banishment, it is said that he heard the voice of the long dead god known as Vaskus - the entity that caused the Shattering. Kino had realized that even though Vaskus was gone, his influence could be felt in the form of the Deep Ekati. Realizing that Kino was before such a powerful entity that shared his outlook on the world, he willingly became its disciple. His next goal would be to one day be reborn as a successor to Vaskus to reign terror upon mortals.

Kino, though he no longer appears on the surface physically, still attempts to manipulate the surface world by pitting humanity against one another, especially those that live in Emsius, the continent at the surface physically closest to him.


Kino is said to have granted King Nebu his powers, turning him into a Bargod who would later become the Grand Idol. As such, the magic of the Grand Idol curse is derived from Kino's powers.

Kino, influenced by the voices of Vaskus, also leaked Deep Ekati to the surface causing unwitting miners off the coast of Jacinth to stumble upon it and introduce a plague into their city.