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Nerida is a fairy from the Sinine Clan that is known for accidentally stumbling upon Eidyn after being transported there via a mushroom ring. Nerida, like other fairies in the Sinine Clan, has the ability to charm others into doing her will. Ironically though, like other Sinine fairies, she was charmed into charming others by the Queen.


Nerida was not particularly good at her job at gathering food for her mother, the Queen. Yet, she was strong-willed and continued to desire her acceptance above all else. Normally, most fairies would not even think about this due to the Queen's charm spells, but Nerida has a quirk where the charms are not as effective on her as they are with other fairies.

When she stumbled upon Eidyn, a land of plentiful food, she saw this as an opportunity, and sought help from a Frost Elf named Kaori.