Frost Elf

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Frost Elves are a race of elves native to the region of Shuang, found in the continent of Eidyn. Named as such because of their versatility in surviving the near-inhospitable region, they are distantly related to the Snow Elves of Khyorgan.


Reaching adulthood at age 30, Frost Elves live for 200 years. Frost Elves tend to have slight, yet strong builds with light grey skin and short, yet pointed ears. Their hair tends to vary from light to dark blue, and they stand just over two meters tall on average making them one of the tallest known elf types.

Frost Elves were originally a nomadic group in the Ling Mountains. After discovering the Aard'Vorn known as the Flame Sigil, the ancient elf, Chun, wished for Shuang to have life. From there, the Frost Elves managed to evolve to adapt to their new environment.

As the Ling Mountains are a dangerous, hostile location to cross, the Frost Elf people are relatively isolated. Most other species have difficulty tolerating the cold weather they live in, and thus, Frost Elves rarely see another race other than their own.


  • Xeng Empire - The Xeng Empire is a highly militaristic, expansionist empire. They are well versed in magitek.
  • Shuang Nomads - The Nomads are tribes of hunter-gatherers that roam the land, almost never sleeping in the same place twice.