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The Outerlands are found to the northwest of Eidyn. It is bordered only by Jotun and Leir. A land of few beings, wild creatures, and strange powers, the Outerlands are not to be taken lightly by anyone who attempts to traverse it.


The Outerlands are generally made up of dry plains and miles and miles of tough, thick grass. To the northeast the landscape generally becomes lusher the closer one gets to the mountains. Eventually this leads to beautiful pine forests that herbivores often find shelter in, as the pines are too prickly for most predators to go through. There is also a lack of fresh running water anywhere in the region besides the pine forests. There is also a mountain pass in the Outerlands that leads to the northern faces of the mountains in the Jotun and North Eidyn regions, but the pass is extremely dangerous due to treacherous terrain and dangerous predators of the cold.

Points of interest

Pan's Garden

Pan's Garden is a paradise in the otherwise dry plains of the Outerlands. Purportedly created by a god-like imp named Pan, it was apparently formed to be a sort of natural preserve in the otherwise arid plains. Though the origins of the Garden's creation is heavily disputed, it is agreed that the area was supposed to be some sort of preserve. Adventurers have found that creatures not native to Eidyn live in the Garden, along with powerful and nameless stone guardians that attack intruders.

Pass of the Crevasse

A wild area of arctic extremes in the Outerlands, the Pass of the Crevasse is a narrow and dangerous crevasse through the glacier that sits in the mountain valley that goes through the whole glacier. The Pass is infamous for dead ends and dangerous fauna, including reports of a mad spirit that takes the souls of travelers during blizzards. The Pass of the Crevasse has only been successfully crossed once, when a man once traveled through the pass in order to return home to his family in Jotun.