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Jotun is a region of Eidyn. It is bordered by Vedfolnir, North Eidyn, Leir and the Outerlands. A land eternally cloaked in winter, Jotun is the land of the rugged and the thick skinned. The region, though full of plentiful resources and riches, does not give up its resources easily.


Jotun is an ice tundra that spills out of the northern mountains and continues on until the Fields of the Sun, where the ground begins to warm until it reaches the scorching hot conditions found in Leir. In the northern reaches of Jotun the land is nearly uninhabitable due to constant snow, subzero temperatures, and just about every creature is trying to kill another for food or self-defense. This is why settlements in Jotun always stay relatively close to the mountains, as they offer sanctuary from the cold and the predators.

Points of interest

Fields of the Sun

A large set of rolling plains, the Fields of the Sun are the intermediate zones between Jotun and Leir. Though ideal living conditions, the land itself is almost worthless due to the fact that the soil is horrible for growing crops. The only reason settlements have been there at all is due to small, loose veins of precious minerals that have been found to be scattered around the fields.