Temple of Hozai

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The Temple of Hozai is an ancient structure found on an overlook near the summit of Mt. Shen Wu. It was originally built by Chun and his followers, the original founders of the Xeng Empire. At this temple, the Flame Sigil was guarded as it is what currently enables the Shuang region to be habitable by both people and the animals that live there.


The Temple of Hozai a large pagoda-shaped building with several pillars at its entrance. Inside is a great room where Shuang Nomads occasionally enter to practice worship. However, going deeper into the temple is forbidden. Beyond the Forbidden Door is an elaborate labyrinth which leads to a sanctum housing the Flame Sigil itself. The golem inhabited by the soul of the ancient elf Chun resides in here, guarding the powerful artifact from the hands of the greedy.


Long before Chun arrived in the area, the Flame Sigil had ended up on Mt. Shen Wu after all the other Aard'Vorn were scattered from one another. After Chun and his followers discovered it, they used the Flame Sigil to make Shuang a more hospitable place. The temperatures were warmed enough so that life could inhabit the area. The temple itself was built around the Flame Sigil for the sole purpose of protecting it. Though it saw its fair share of raiders, the temple's traps and puzzles deterred others from finding it.

When the Kingdom of Leir invaded in search of the Aard'Vorn, they were met with a significant challenge attempted to acquire the Flame Sigil. None of their airships flew high enough to perform a bombardment from the air. Thus, they sent a scouting party to raid the temple and force their way past the puzzles. Many soldiers were lost, but the Aard'Vorn was eventually stolen and taken away. With the Flame Sigil's powers redirected away from Shuang, the land was left to freeze over and enter an eternal winter. It became a long period of hardship for the Xeng Empire.