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Chun is an individual considered the father of the Frost Elves. He was a chieftain of an ancient elf clan that inhabited Eidyn several thousand years ago, long before the Xeng Empire was formed. To this day, he is revered as a demi-god, and the bringer of life to the Shuang region.


Chun is depicted as having a plain, simple appearance. As a traveling monk, he would often appear very thin as he went long periods of time fasting.


In the brutally inhospitable land of Shuang, Chun and his clan had wandered in search of a new home, having migrated to escape other hostile tribes. During their travels, Chun discovered an artifact buried in the snow. This artifact, the Flame Sigil, was a powerful Aard'Vorn that could control the temperature of the surrounding area. To seek out solace from the unending blizzards, Chun used the Flame Sigil to melt the snow of the mountains to clear a path. By making the land more habitable his actions invited other fauna to migrate into the area. Thus, he created a land where new life could thrive.

However, full well knowing of the tales of how ancient elves had misused the power of the Aard'Vorn, he swore to himself to guard the Flame Sigil for as long as he lived. This led to his clan constructing the Temple of Hozai which would house the Aard'Vorn, keeping it safe from the elements.

After dying of natural causes, Chun transferred his soul into a bronze golem that was sculpted in his likeness. The golem is fitted with intricate clockwork machinery, meaning that Chun can still move around and interact with others. He did this so that he could remain the protector of the Flame Sigil for generations to follow.


Bronze statues of Chun can be found all over the Xeng Empire. He has more or less become a psuedo-deity for the Xengese people, the chief guardian of all the spirits of the Shuang region. These statues, when prayed to, can serve as a means of communicating to Chun directly. However, such statue must be infused with the proper magic spell. One of each of these magic statues exists per city-state.