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Elves (also known as thar) were humanoid creatures originating from Valordyn, they were a race of man alongside dwarves and humans.


Elves were roughly of human height, standing between 5'5" and 6'1" on average, but were lighter, weighing in between 130 to 180 lbs. Even exceptionally strong elves look rather slim compared with other races, looking athletic rather than muscular. Elves had a variety of hair and skin hues varying between elven populations; While some elves shared overlapping skin tones with humans, grey skin tones were the most common, with the Sea Elf, Frost Elf, and Gray Elf populaces bearing variant shades of grey skin.

Elves grew at a decelerating rate throughout their lives. Very young elves matured at a rate comparable with humans but during adolescence slowed to a near stop until about 110 years of age, at which point elves are considered mature. Elves then remained vigorous and active until the middle of their third century. Even so, after this most elves suffered few of the infirmities of old age that plague other races, remaining mostly full of life until the end.

Elven polities

Known Elves

  • Chun - A legendary elf who used the Winter Sigil to bring life to Shuang.
  • Wuji- A Frost Elf assassin.
  • Korilene