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The primordials are powerful, immortal beings created in the time before the Shattering. Some primordials were elysians, friends, or other mortals who gained immense power, but others were altogether unique beings which were bestowed power upon their creation. These ancient beings predated the Aetherians.


Main article: Malcide

Malcide was a primordial who's powers of sight allowed him extrasensory vision, he was created in a tandem effort by the gods of the sky, sea, earth, and fire to appreciate the beauty of their masterfully constructed works and judge which was the best; Because the natural processes of the world continually changed the landscape of the United Plane, he never reached a conclusion. In truth, because the gods created him not from a desire to know which was best, but only from conflicting desires for their works to be judged superior, Malcide's goal was not divinely instilled, leaving him with free will and no concern for the squabbling of the primal gods.

After the United Plane was shattered, Malcide traveled to Khyorgan and traveled throughout the new land, and saw the end of the reign of the First Pantheon as a chance for him to gain power and prevent another shattering from occurring; Malcide created the Golden Empire of Creation, populated by his abominations, but lost his body in the process of gaining the power to manipulate spirits and souls for his creations.

Tir wedi'i Rhewi

Tir wedi'i Rhewi was one of the primal guardians of the world, he controlled ice and winter. He was known for his powerful and continuous blizzards. Tir was worshiped by many early civilizations, who gave him blood sacrifices which made Tir feel more and more powerful towards men, and one day, during the sacrifice of the blood, he engorged himself and fell into a deep hibernation. Men began to gradually forget Tir, and he remained trapped in his slumber. He was soon completely forgotten, and angered Tir vowed to destroy man for their forgetfulness.


Foinix was once a primal guardian of the world, much like Tir wedi'i Rhewi. Having control over fire and summer, Foinix was too worshiped, though unlike Tir it did not go to his head. However, one day he thwarted the attempts of a evil caster to extinguish all warmth in Erudite. In revenge, the caster infected Foinix with a maddening, painful disease before killing himself. Causing Foinix to become mad, he almost burnt the world to ashes before the gods trapped him in a pillar of obsidian in a distant land. However, his mind was still free and with it he corrupted the land where his prison was, hoping some corrupt being would free him in selfishness.