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Andavronia was a continent of Khyorgan, supposedly once isolated and surrounded by sea until it was pushed northwards until it formed a land border with Lexighor, though this may be an exaggerated claim. Andavronia was the smallest of the mainland continents.

Though the authenticity of the claim that Andavronia was a lone landmass pushed into mainland Khyorgan is dubious, it can be taken as fact that even once Andavronia bordered Lexighor by land, it was a somewhat isolated continent. The Deilkhos mountain range separated Andavronia and Lexighor somewhat, though not enough to stop dangerous abominations and qilin from roving the Andavronian countryside. To the east of Andavronia, across from the Ibrin Peninsula, was the Gulf of Segara, guarded by the titanic Abyssal Machine, a roving metal monster which sunk intruding ships.

The continent's southern shores were occupied by the Neyasthen mountain range. The craggy cliff faces of this elevated area would have made a southern entrance difficult. The continent's western shores were far more hospitable, and provided easy access to the fertile Nezghan Fields. However, to the west of Andavronia was the sprawling Desert of Lexighor, devoid of any wooded areas in which to construct ships.