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Lexighor was a southern subcontinent of Khyorgan, it was situated northwest of Andavronia and to the west of Obreidhion.



In the ancient past, the native races of Khyorgan, the sentinels, abominations, and qilin were among the first mortals to walk on the face of the continent. Thousands of years later, the first immigrant races would arrive to Khyorgan from Valordyn. The two largest groups were the humans and the elves. The humans, such as the Kess and Adonbaxi, were an industrious and diverse people, likely the most numerous, who would settle the many forests and grasslands of Obreidhion and Andavronia. The elves, a race of man with extreme adaptive properties, settled the northern Khios Mountains and Amacata Desert of Obreidhion. Two other races that came alongside them, however, the dwarves and the orcs, instead set their sights on Lexighor.

The dwarves were the first to arrive there, staking out mines in the mountainous region of Archei. At home in mountainous regions, they mined up bounties of gold, Ekati, and other precious materials. Archei was also known for its advanced technology.

The orcs, on the other hand, did not choose this region for being hospitable, but instead because they were beleaguered in other regions by poor relations with other races. Even once in Lexighor, the Archei clans were not particularly welcoming to them, and the orcs found themselves essentially banished into living in the barren Desert of Lexighor, where they would go on to found the United Orcish Tribes of Gorholl.

Later, the Gomchar Empire would collapse, and the Abomination Crusades would eradicate the abomination presence from all of southern Khyorgan. This would hardly bring peace to the immigrant races of Lexighor, however, as the Demon Wars would ravage Erudite. Gorholl was destroyed, later replaced by the much smaller Orcish Alliance of New Gorholl.



Main article: Bossniri

Bossniri was a jungle region, home to the World Tree.

Desert of Lexighor

Main article: Desert of Lexighor

The desert of Lexighor made up most of Lexighor's mass. A nearly-inhospitable and dangerous wasteland even in comparison to the Amacata Desert, the abominations once roamed this desert until they returned home to Dhelarushick following the Abomination Crusades of King Matharis IV.

Orcish peoples who migrated to Khyorgan during the Immigration Era were forced into this desert by the races of Man after several decades of conflict between the two.


Archei was a mountain range in the western parts of Lexighor, it is home to the Archei Clans.


Mexighirikth was a mountain range on the southern edge of the Desert of Lexighor. Template:Khyorgan