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The Abominations are a race of beings created by the Primordial Malcide, who sacrificed his body to create life. The abominations are all uniformly incapable of reproduction of any kind, whether by breeding, mitosis, budding, or any other form, forcing them to rely on salvage of living beings in order to further their continued existence, a trait which has often lead to conflict with other races. The abominations primarily reside within, and are loyal to, Malcide's Golden Empire of Creation.

The abominations vary widely in physical appearance and abilities based on the organisms used to create them, but they are often divided into recognizable and largely uniform castes. Almost all abominations are omnivorous, and they are without exception based around animal life, their biology being incompatible with plants, fungi, protists, mineral beings, and other such non-animal life.

The abominations have existed since antiquity, and are one of the oldest extant mortal races on Erudite, but modern-day abominations are in many ways unrecognizable from those of the past. Nonetheless, the abominations have lived as a society to see the rise and fall of many civilizations, and have gone through the tribulations of many great events, such as the Demon Wars.



The engulfers are abominations with practically liquid bodies that appear shiny and silver in color, similar to flowing mercury, but they can extend feelers in all directions to grab onto and consume lifeforms, deconstructing and reconstructing them in a process similar to that of a chrysalis. Once it has gained enough material, the engulfer will take on a worm-like form and cover itself in protective leathery skin, while using minimal energy to slowly move around and consume further nutrition, while it grafts together a new abomination.


A creature with a somewhat humanoid head, albeit with unnaturally long and sharp teeth and a long neck, the scythebearer has a large, stump-shaped body coated in thick, tough skin that is often tarnished by dirt, mud, and blood. The scythebearer has four humanoid legs splayed outwards on the corners of it's torso, and is named for it's large, sickle or scythe-like appendages which are positioned on the ends of it's arms, made from bone and enamel and equipped with a metal "glove" when going to battle.

The scythebearer also has some long, gangly arms equipped with hands, which extend from behind it's back. While of course used frequently for battle, scythebearers also work in more inoffensive farms, helping to harvest crops.


The Abominations are native to Khyorgan. While they were once the most widespread race on the continent, the rise of the Magitek Empires caused a decline in their population. Although they remained active in the hostile Desert of Lexighor and ventured as far south and east as Andavronia and Obreidhion, they would later face the Abomination Crusades, further reducing their distribution to only Dhelarushick. Even there, the rise of increasingly more technologically advanced and expansionist mortal civilizations would continue to erode the once widespread Abomination populace.