Desert of Lexighor

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The Desert of Lexighor is a barren, inhospitable, hot desert that covers most of Lexighor. This vast expanse of arid land is home to salty, undrinkable groundwater, sweeping dust storms, tornadoes, and dangerous creatures built to survive such conditions. Few peoples make their homes in the Desert of Lexighor by choice, but there are a few towns and trading posts scattered about.

The Desert of Lexighor was once inhabited by the fierce abominations, caste creatures that repurpose the bodies of other races to manufacture more of their own kind, and the people of Andavronia were often targeted by abominations from the Desert of Lexighor. During the Immigration Era, dwarves, elves, humans, and orcs arrived to Khyorgan, but the races of man and the orcs came into conflict, leading the Orcs to be forced into the harsh conditions of the Desert of Lexighor.

Between the lack of many natural resources, infighting, hostility from the native abominations, and a refusal by both the orcs and men to trade among one another, the orcs remained largely tribal in society. After the Abomination Crusades in Obreidhion lead the abominations to consolidate their power in distant eastern Dhelarushick, and the danger of a Lexighor Crusade from Andavronia became a fear among the orcs, tribes began to unite with one another, and an organized orc nation in Lexighor may be the result.