Aurum Confederacy

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The Aurum Confederacy was one of the four great powers of the Magitek Age of Khyorgan, along with the Empire of Shai-shan, Empire of the Red Tower, and Segaran Technocracy. Existing in western Dhelarushick, Aurum was the weakest of the four powers, but when the Segaran Technocracy vanished, they took the opportunity to take over much of the former Segaran land and technology, leading them into a war with the Empire of Shai-shan.

After Khyorgan was plunged into a Dark Age by the war between Aurum and Shai-shan, the Aurum Confederacy eventually lost it's war against Shai-shan and was destroyed. Relics of Aurum can still be found in northern Dhelarushick, but they are not as prized as those of Segara or Shai-shan.

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