Empire of Shai-shan

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The Empire of Shai-shan was one of the four great powers of the Magitek Era of Khyorgan, along with the Empire of the Red Tower, Aurum Confederacy, and Segaran Technocracy. The Empire of Shai-shan ruled the island of Mrigae and the Shai Archipelago, using magitek to control the golems of Mrigae to do their bidding.

After the disappearance of the Segaran Technocracy, the Aurum Confederacy rapidly expanded into their former territory and took possession of much of their technology, as did Shai-shan to a lesser extent. Shai-shan and Aurum went to war, throwing Khyorgan into a Dark Age; Shai-shan won the war, but massively depleted it's vast Ekati stores in the process. Crippled from it's war with Aurum, Shai-shan was powerless to protect themselves as the golems they had enslaved and used as machines of war and labor laid waste to the remainder of their empire.