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Dhelarushick was the northernmost continent of Khyorgan, and by far the largest of Khyorgan's regions, as well as the least populous during the time of the Khyorganese Renaissance.


Dhelarushick was the largest of Khyorgan's continents by far, it was covered in sprawling mountainous regions sectioning off large areas covered in tundras and frigid evergreen forests. The more southern regions of the continent were somewhat warmer, while the northernmost extremes were cold even at low elevation.

The continent was bordered in the north, east, and west alike by the Nautilus Ocean, with its south instead cradling the Gomchar Sea. A large inland body of water, Dherengar, was located somewhat north of the continent's dead center.

Oreldedar Reaches

Main article: Oreldedar Reaches

The Oreldedar Reaches were a mountainous region, and the home of the Golden Empire of Creation.


Dhelarushick was once the homeland of the Aurum Confederacy, one of Khyorgan's mighty Magitek Powers, but after the disappearance of the Segaran Technocracy, Aurum went to war with the Empire of Shai-shan and was destroyed, leaving the Empire of the Red Tower as the last magitek empire and reducing Khyorgan to a dark age.

The Golden Empire of Creation was based out of Dhelarushick, and its Primordial creator, Malcide, dwelt below the Dhelarushick ground. Following the Abomination Crusades, the Abomination populace migrated in large numbers from other continents back to Dhelarushick to consolidate their power.

By the time of the Khyorganese Renaissance, the Empire of the Rising Sun had risen to power with at least some land in Dhelarushick, becoming involved with a dispute with the Kingdom of Polvora over the Taivor island chain. Dhelarushick remained one of the emptiest continents in regards to major civilizations despite its immense size, possibly owing to the remoteness of any given point from the prosperous civilizations in Obreidhion.