Empire of the Red Tower

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(note that "OT" refers to "Old Time", a period of time measured by the Matharian Calendar, and "AS" refers to "After Shattering", a time period measured based on the shattering of the United Plane, OT dates occur 2,866 years after AS dates) Template:Infobox former nation

The Empire of the Red Tower, named for the red tower which the emperors resided in, was an Elven Empire in Heznland, known for its slavery of Humans, Maliekt and Byn'makha, it expanded its colonial goals across the sea and into what is now Amicalis, massive slave revolts eventually obliterated it in the late 900s, OT, signifying its definitive end.

The Empire of the Red Tower came into existence in the 500s, Old Time, and reached Khyorgan during the Immigration Era around 600-700 OT, rapidly coming into conflicts with the Adonbaxi, the Maliekt, and the Byn'makha who resided there at the arrival of the empire.

The Red tower army, recognizable by their use of Bascinets and armored canons on wheels, pulled by two horses at their sides and enclosed along with their crew and horses completely in armor, were able to defeat the natives of Khyorgan, and soon the Khyorganese peoples were enslaved as laborers and servants for the Elves. As Elves are not mechanically gifted, some slaves who produced technology which could aid the Empire in conquest were allowed to leave their slave status and become full citizens.

Eventually, large-scale slave revolts destroyed the country's overseas territory, with Amicalis rising in its place; Most of the elven population residing there was killed off, those who remained were executed or reduced to living in slums. In Heznland, the Elves fell into civil war amongst themselves as another slave revolt kicked off in Valordyn against the Red Tower. The mainland of the Empire of the Red Tower collapsed into anarchy and much of the former slave population migrated across the sea to Amicalis.

The Empire of the Red Tower had laws against interracial marriages between Elves and Non-Elves, and killed any half-elves that were discovered along with their parents. The Empire of the Red Tower also banned private practice of any type of magic or alchemy, and only allowed its use by the official agency of magic. Using Necromancy on the corpses of elves was strictly forbidden, but that protection was not extended to slaves, who could even be killed for Necromancers' experiments if the Necromancers so desired.