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Golems were elemental lifeforms found throughout Erudite. Many golems were created by natural processes or by the gods, however, the mortals of Erudite eventually took to creating their own golems, typically to use as servants, laborers, soldiers, or slaves.

Magma Golem

Magma golems were huge, towering natural golems made of volcanic rock, that spewed volcanic gas streams of lava poured out from cracks in their bodies. These golems had vaguely humanoid bodies, but had disproportionately wide, broad shoulders, and a more animalistic, somewhat reptilian head recognizable by its triangular jaws, hunched between their shoulders.

Magma golems spent their time around volcanic areas and preferred the smoldering heat to the abrasive atmosphere of the outside world. These golems predated even formidable creatures such as dragons, and were capable of easily laying waste to cities and militaries, but they could not traverse any significant body of water without harming themselves, leaving them locked where nature so willed.

These golems were enslaved in some number by the Empire of Shai-shan, who used magitek technology to subjugate them. After the Sagaran Technocracy seemingly vanished, the Aurum Confederacy expanded its borders and technological ability, and soon went to war with Shai-shan; Though the empire was able to win the war, it had depleted the supply of Ekati available to such an extent, containing the golems was impossible, and they soon raged through the countryside of the Shai Archipelago and foreign lands where they had been transported to use in war, killing the empire's denizens by the thousands and wiping the civilization out completely.

Some magma golems still lingered in Khyorgan's more secluded volcanoes for millennia afterwards, and a large population of them remained in the mysterious land of Mrigae.

Artificial Golems

Golems have been artificially constructed to serve various roles by a wide range of civilizations, often functioning as guards, soldiers, or laborers due to their capacity for great strength and toughness. In some cases, individuals have even transferred their own consciousness into that of a golem to outlive their physical form, as was the case for Chun.