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Byn'makha were a race of semi-aquatic sapient reptiles from Southern Peaks Countship of Amicalis. The Empire of the Red Tower colonized much of their homeland and took them as slaves, most of their population went on to live within Amicalis, often making livings as fishermen, whalers, sailors and navy infantry.

On average, Byn'makha were 7 feet tall and blue, green, or brown in color, matching the water in and around their tribe's homeland. Byn'makha aged slowly, reaching maturity by age 30, being the equivalent of a 70 year old human at the age of 110, and dying between age 120 and 150.

Byn'makha had long, somewhat thin snouts for catching fish, powerful tails and limbs, and hard scales around as strong as tin. Byn'makha stood at around seven feet tall upright, but were more than twice as long from snout to tail.