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Heznland was a region of Valordyn located to the south of Leir; Heznland was home to large volcanic mountain ranges which made it dangerous and unfavorable for most travelers attempting to reach Valorum from Eidyn, or vice-versa. In the Tribal Era of Erudite, the Erda people lived along Heznland's border with the Leir Sea, and they migrated further into Heznland after Leir was turned into a desert.

During the Antiquity following the Medieval Era of Erudite, the Empire of the Red Tower rose to power in Heznland, and extended colonies to as far as Khyorgan, enslaving many thousands of Humans, Byn'makha, and Maliekt. As the empire spread itself more thin, it found itself unable to deal with simultaneous Abomination attacks, Qilin attacks, large-scale slave revolts, and the death of its emperor, leaving its military shattered and its colony-dependent economy unable to recover.

Following the empire's collapse, Heznland was mostly occupied by pirates, barbarians, and warlords who squabbled amongst themselves, a far cry from its history of once hosting a powerful magitek empire.


Heznland was a region racked by volcanic activity. Frequent eruptions covered the sky in ash plumes and released toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Attempting to tunnel through the mountains surrounding the region would often result in spewing lava flows.

Groundwater and lakes in the region were toxic to most mortal races and animals, due to constant ash poisoning. Volcanic activity could also cause lakes to become limnicly active, or "exploding lakes," releasing poisonous fumes at unpredictable times.


  • Vulcan Elf - Vulcan Elves were a type of Elf who first appeared in Heznland. They had much higher tolerance for heat than other elves, and developed an immunity to the ash poisoning that killed most other mortals who attempted to drink the region's water.
  • Common Dragon - Common Dragons roamed Heznland frequently during the early ages of Erudite, mostly roaming the outskirts of the region due to the region's inability to sustain large prey animals on land. The Empire of the Red tower had them hunted down and killed due to the perceived danger they posed. After the Red Tower fell, dragon numbers gradually increased.
  • Magma Golem - Magma Golems were at home in the lava flows of Heznland. They were usually smaller than those seen on the island of Mrigae. The largest golems were known to predate on dragons.
  • Amaia - The Adenak, Tuaresh and Murakam tribes of the cave-dwelling Amaia race lived in an isolated corner along the border of Heznland, separated from the rest of the region by a great lake.