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The maliekt were an insectoid race with 3 sets of limbs. Their frontal limbs function as tools and have 4 long claws for digging rapidly. Their middle limbs are akin to humanoid arms, and their rear limbs function as legs. The bodies of maliekt are segmented like any other insect, and they are protected by a hard shell. Maliekt are omnivorous and average at around 6'1" in height.

The maliekt were native to Gricsyn, and have lived there since roughly 1300 AS. In the 3660s, the maliekt were overrun by the colonialist Empire of the Red Tower and the maliekt race was largely enslaved. In 3839 AS, the Red Tower Slave Revolt occurred, and the maliekt joined the humans and byn'makha in bringing an end to colonial rule.

The maliekt were given their own autonomous administrative division of Gricsyn in 3848, at the founding of Amicalis, and were constitutionally assured self-determination. Following the end of Red Tower rule, the maliekt lived throughout Amicalis, mostly in Gricsyn (where they made up 80% of the population by the time of the Khyorganese Renaissance), as well as in the Lerrnahank Countship (where they made up 12%), and with smaller minorities elsewhere.