Vulcan Elf

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Vulcan Elves were a race of Elf originating in Heznland, a region wedged between Eidyn and Valorum known for its regular volcanic activity, decorated by obsidian and basalt plains, flowing lava rivers, and plumes of deadly volcanic gases. The Vulcan elves could withstand boiling temperatures in comparison to humans or most other elves but were comparatively brutalized by the cold.

Vulcan elves were the ancestors of all native elf populations of Khyorgan, including the Vælithar (Sand Elves), Root Elves, and, perhaps strangely, the Saelonthar, or Snow Elves. At one point, Vulcan elves commanded the Empire of the Red Tower, one of the most powerful polities of the magitek era, which dominated and brutalized large swaths of Khyorgan.


A vulcan elf stands on average, 5 feet, and weighs in at around 100 pounds. Skin color of Vulcan elves ranges from bright yellow all the way to dark red; hair usually comes in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Known polities