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Valorum was a subcontinent consisting of the southernmost parts of Valordyn, beyond the seemingly endless mountains of Shuang and blasting hot volcanoes of Heznland. Isolated from the rest of the landmass by the towering mountain range known as the Colossals and the deep forest of the Stoboq Wood, Valorum developed a very different political and cultural landscape almost completely unaffected by its close neighbors in Eidyn for centuries.


Most of Valorum's southwestern landscape was dominated by sprawling grasslands and prairies, while its southeast was home to more wetlands and forests sustained by large volume of water flowing through the aptly named Riverlands. Northwest lay Stoboq Wood, a thick and impervious forest, and northeast was the treacherous and mountainous Outlands.

Valorum also encompassed island regions south of the mainland, Dragon Isle and the Kashima Archipelago, located in the Salt Sea.


  • Elf - Elves, also known as Thar, were native inhabitants of Valorum. It is thought that elves from this location were the ancestors of many foreign elven populations, such as the Fallathar.


  • Godfish - At least one Godfish inhabited the Salt Sea to the south of Valorum.