Central Eidyn

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Central Eidyn is a region of Eidyn. It is bordered by Sky Pass, Verdant Wilderness, Leir, Varden and Oceanfell. A lush region surrounded by mountains, the land is one of the most fertile areas of Eidyn due to the Inner Sea. The region is filled to the brim with wildlife and as a result hunters frequently hunt there. It is also a prime place for settlements.


The most notable feature of the region is the great Inner Sea, the biggest lake in the whole plane (and possibly all of Erudite). The massive body of water holds dozens of tiny islands, and many of those islands are inhabited by nomads or shipwrecked people. Around the sea is the fields and woodlands, often filled to the brim with both prey and predators. Surrounding the region are high mountains that often restrict entry other than by water.

Points of Interest

Inner Sea

The Inner Sea is the largest lake in Eidyn. It is renowned for brimming with natural resources. From veins of minerals in the cliffs and the fertile soil at its shores, the lake is a land ripe for civilization. Small islands are scattered in the lake, rarely populated by tribes, outcasts, and shipwrecked peoples. The lake is also purported to have a great monster in its depths, though it hasn't been proven yet.