North Eidyn

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North Eidyn is a region of Eidyn. It is bordered by Jotun, Vedfolnir, Teleios, Frozen Vale and East Teleios. An ice desert similar to Shuang, North Eidyn is one of the harshest regions to live in. Without the help of any specialized magic, North Eidyn is mostly inhospitable. The only part of the region that can be settled is an area along the mountains called the Northern Reaches.


North Eidyn is an ice desert, and as a result has remarkably similar features like Shuang. However, it is a much harsher environment. Snowstorms are relentless and the cold is a constant danger, with only short summers making any headway to warm the region. The region is so inhospitable that the wildlife here have become almost alien to Eidyn in order to survive. Glaciers and large dunes of granular ice also dot the region.


  • Naval peguin: A blue penguin living in colonies in large underground ice caverns.
  • Raider penguin: A black penguin that is the natural enemy of the naval with similar habits to them.