Sky Pass

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Sky Pass is a region of Eidyn. It is bordered by Frozen Vale, Vedfolnir, Leir and Gierkliff.


  • Drake: A quadrupedal reptile commonly mistaken for a baby dragon of some kind. Though the drake and the dragon do have similarities in terms of appearance, a drake is actually closer to a dog in terms of genetics. Hundreds of different subspecies of drake exist in Eidyn.
  • Fey: A creature made up entirely of magic energy and a ekati core, it has multiple forms. Fey are made when large acts of magic become uncontrollable and bound to the ekati that forms from the magic. Though having a rudimentary intelligence comparable to a small animal, fey have been known to gather in dysfunctional packs.
  • Asphinx: A snake commonly found deep underground but rarely found on or near the surface where there are granite deposits, where they feed on the granite. If they are approached by any being besides their own kind they will attempt to bite, in which they inject a poison that turns whatever the poison touches to solid stone. Immediate amputation has to be done before the poison spreads to the whole body.
  • Quakeworm: A cousin to the Asphinx, this serpent devours through rock like it was paper. Though not poisonous, Quakeworms have been known to cause cave-ins and rock slides when they feel threatened.
  • Roc: A massive eagle-like bird, the roc is a rare but dangerous sight. Making their huge nests in the valleys between mountain peaks, these gigantic birds fly for many miles hunting for large game like mammoths and hydras. If no large meals are available, they will steal hordes of livestock instead. Rocs are very territorial and will fight with other rocs or any other creature that they perceive to be a threat to their territory.